June 22, 2018

Creative Team

The associate director is a hands on member, partnering with the Board of Directors which collaboratively works to provide leadership and vision in the establishment of policy and procedures to effectively deliver film festival services. The associate director oversees specific program areas that provide logistics in their field of expertise. The associate director is responsible for establishing partnerships within the film and business community to assist in the execution of the Borderlands Film Festival mission. The associate director will manage daily program operations, develop program policy/procedure, conduct program assessment and evaluation, manage fiscal administration with the COO/CFO, and participate in strategic planning.


Deniece Sanchez, Filmmakers and Hospitality


Julia Gallegos, Parties


Glenn Witt, Security


Lyndsey Holder-Kalson, Press and Media


Dennis D’Amico, Talent


Grant Levron, Volunteers


Alana Murphy, Films


Kelly Covert, Events